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Loan Products

Diebold Federal Credit Union offers an entire package of loans with low rates and flexible terms. Our flexibility and accessibility sets us apart from other financial institutions. You will notice the difference throughout the loan process.  Call for the current rates.

  • Vehicle Loans – DN Community Federal Credit Union offers financing for new and used vehicles, including cars, trucks, mini-vans and motorcycles.

  • Home Equity Loans – We offer fixed rates for fixed terms on Home Equity Loans.

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit – This variable rate loan allows you to use up to 95% of your home's value to borrow funds. You'll be approved for a fixed amount, and you can "draw" on funds as you need them.

  • Unsecured Loans – Borrow funds for any purpose with no collateral required.

  • Share Secured Loans – Borrow money using your Savings Account as collateral.

  • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit – This line of credit is used for overdraft protection for your Checking Account.

  • No Credit Check Loan - A quick and easy way to get the money you need. Call today for details.

  • Credit Builder Loan – For members wishing to re-establish their credit or for those who have not established a credit history.

Members Can Apply For A Loan:

  • With a Member Service Representative or a Loan Officer at the credit union

  • By phone during credit union office hours

  • By clicking on "apply for a loan here

The choice is yours. Apply online or contact a Member Service Representative or Loan Officer, today.

Quick Loan Facts

  • All loans are simple interest.

  • All loans are subject to approval and credit evaluation.

  • Annual Percentage Rates are based on individual credit scores and credit history.

  • The maximum unsecured total can be any combination of unsecured loan products.

  • With the exception of our Home Equity Line of Credit Loan, most loan decisions are usually made within 24-business hours.

  • A New Vehicle is any vehicle with a mileage total of 10,000 or less confirmed on the Vehicle Odometer Disclosure.

  • We assess a $50 pre-payment fee for all loans paid off within the first (30) thirty-days of disbursement.

Unsecured Loans

Looking for some cash?  Do you have an unexpected expense that you can't finance?  Are you trying to consolidate some of your bills?  We can help with an Unsecured Loan. Our friendly Loan Department will be happy to help you.

Share Secured Loans

If you're trying to improve your credit rating, a Share Secured Loan could be the answer.  Borrow funds using the money in your Savings Account as collateral for this low rate loan. This will allow you to demonstrate financial responsibility as well as improve your credit score.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

This line of credit will protect you if you overdraft your Diebold Federal Credit Union Checking Account. Simply apply once and the line of credit can be used for up to two (2) years. You don't have to think about it, but it's there if you need it!

No Credit Check Loan

Got an unexpected expense? Or maybe you have unplanned car repairs? DN Community Federal Credit Union now offers a No Credit Check Loan, which makes it quick and easy to get the money you need. Even if your credit is less than perfect, you can borrow up to $1,000 for 12 months at 15.00% APR*. The monthly payment on that amount would be $90.28. No credit score is required; all you need is a history of direct deposit for at least 6 months to a DN Community Federal Credit Union account. Call or stop in to find out more.


Don't Get Caught Up with Payday Lenders

DN Community Federal Credit Union offers alternatives to the payday lenders. Payday lenders are known for high interest rates and locking you into a cycle of lending that is difficult to escape.  We are here to help you avoid those excessive fees and break the cycle.

Call us and ask about our Overdraft Privilege Program or to set up an Overdraft Line Of Credit

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