Who We Are
The growth and strength of our credit union could not be possible without the support of our members.

DN Community Federal Credit Union was founded on June 24, 1954 as Diebold Employees Credit Union. The original field of membership included employees of the Canton and Malvern, Ohio plants of Diebold, Inc. and their immediate families. The credit union was organized with the purpose "to provide a convenient place for employees to save regularly and enable them to get personal loans at low cost when they need them."

In 2013, the National Credit Union Administration granted the credit union a community charter. Now, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Stark County is eligible for membership. DN Community Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered and federally insured credit union.

In 2016, Diebold Inc. became Diebold Nixdorf and announced it would be selling the building where the credit union's main office was located. As a result, the credit union purchased its first stand-alone branch on Fulton Drive in Canton and changed its name officially to DN Community Federal Credit Union, the DN paying homage to the credit union's original sponsor. The credit union also has a branch in Diebold Nixdorf's World Headquarters on Mayfair Road in North Canton.

DN Community Federal Credit Union strives to offer a wide range of services designed to improve the economic and social wellbeing of our members. We have grown from our humble beginnings to fully meet the growing needs of our members.

We continually add products and services to strengthen ourselves competitively and more importantly, to serve the needs of the membership. Our strong desire is to continue to serve you in the years to come!

The growth and strength of our credit union could not be possible without the support of our members.


To help members realize their financial goals by providing personalized and unparalleled service through focusing on member needs, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and continually developing products and programs to exceed member expectations.


To foster relationships with the sponsors and members we serve and to be our members' lifetime financial partner and preferred choice for their financial needs.

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions are an association of people united by a common bond who have incorporated under state or federal law for the purpose of doing business with each other. Designed as a place for people to save their money in a common fund and as a place from which they can borrow those funds with low cost loans. In other words, credit unions are people-oriented financial institutions.

They were founded, and still exist today, as not-for-profit cooperatives. The board of directors is democratically elected at the annual meeting and serves voluntarily, that is, without compensation. Any profits earned from the operation of the credit union are returned to the members in the form of higher dividends on savings, lower rates on loans, or reduced costs for services. Last but not least, the Federal Government insures savings to $250,000.

Why Join a Credit Union?

Credit unions exist solely to serve their members. Credit unions are different from other financial institutions, and for a very good reason. At the credit union you're an owner, and that's how you're treated. Credit unions are all about people, not profits. You and other members are part-owners of your credit union. Your savings are called shares because they are your share in the credit union. Your shares earn dividends, again because your savings represent your financial share of the credit union.

Credit unions were created to provide financial services in a democratic, not-for-profit, cooperative manner; that is: with member ownership and control. Since DN Community Federal Credit Union exists solely to serve our member-owners, you can be assured of favorable rates on your savings investments, and competitively priced low interest rates on your loans. We see you as people or member owners, not dollars to be made.

Thus the credit union slogan: "People helping people." Once you "join" the credit union, you will have a safe and secure place to save money. You can borrow money, usually at much better rates than banks, loan companies, or auto dealerships can offer. This means your dreams become more affordable. Things like a college education, a car or truck, or a home are suddenly within your reach.