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Dollar Dog Kid's Club

Click Here for the Minor Account Card to Get Started!

The Dollar Dog Kid's Club is a great way to help kids learn about the importance of saving, earning, and even investing money. Kids will learn the basics of healthy saving and spending habits, and have some fun too.

When they join, children receive an Official Club Membership Card, a Savings Passbook, and all kinds of Dollar Dog Stuff. There will be special events and contests at the credit union, and Dollar Dog's Clubhouse is always open for learning, fun, and games.

There are many perks to having a Kid's Club account at DFCU including our popular Dollar Dog program. When you or your child deposits $10 or more into their account, we will give them one Dollar Dog up to 5 per month. Collect 10 or more and you may redeem them for gift cards or cash deposited directly into your child's account!

Opening a Dollar Dog Kid's Club account at DFCU is fast and easy. Each account requires a custodian who is an eligible member. If you're interested in opening a Kid's Club account, all you need is valid ID and a copy of the child's social security card to get started.

Want to help your child save but don't want all the hassel? Ask us how we can set up automatic deposits into a Kids Club account on your pay schedule.


Children through age 12 are eligible for the Dollar Dog Kid's Club.

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